Kelly practices and teaches yoga for the seemingly magic way it manages to align her with a fuller, richer and more vibrant way of being in the world. Through a dynamic hatha yoga practice, as well as meditation, mantra & pranayama – she aims to help her students feel more aligned with their own sense of potency and purpose.

Kelly is hatha and vinyasa trained, has been practicing yoga regularly for over 14 years, teaching for 6 and studied with inspirational teachers both locally and oversees. Her teachers have included Nicole Walsh of InYoga (Sydney), Noah Maze (LA), Donna Farhi (NZ) and Tara Judelle (USA). She is a qualified meditation teacher and has studied Ayurveda, nutrition, massage and homeopathy.

Kelly is always encouraging her students to move towards the deeper teachings of the yoga tradition. So whilst you will sweat, build strength and increase mobility in her classes, expect to be  consistently invited to explore and experience the power of the subtle body practices in a modern-day accessible way.




With a background in Osteopathy and Exercise science, Meisha’s approach to yoga honors the biomechanics and kinetics of the body and reflects ways to achieve more strength and flexibility within safe perimeters. Meisha has been practicing yoga from a young age inspired by her mother whom she begun mimicking with curiosity.

Teaching different forms of yoga focusing on Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Meditation. By combing Pranayama, Asana, Meditation, and drawing from various other practices a very full and rich practice is formed. Classes are built around the philosophy that it is not the postures but the journey to the destination that teaches you what you need to learn about yourself.



Yoga Vidya Wollongong is located at 45 Wentworth Street Port Kembla

Ph: 0428 433 650