Breathe with Mark Breadner



Saturday 2nd December 2017



Date: Saturday 2nd December

Time: 10am – 1pm

Venue: Yoga Vidya, 45 Wentworth Street Port Kembla

Investment: $75

Teachers: Mark Breadner


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If you want to move into a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of awareness, you must prepare your body, your mind and your energy.

Yoga asana helps you prepare the body to receive higher levels of energy. Pranayama (breathing practises) intensifies and directs your prana, the vital energy linked to the breath

Pranayama is a powerful practice that can slowly and naturally move you into a higher level of experience. It is a tool that can transform your very experience of life.

There are many benefits of breathing practises that range from short term relief to long term changes. Essentially, what the yogi’s discovered is that if you can change your breath, you can change your life.

Imagine that. You have the means quite literally at the tip of your nose, to change your life. With breathing exercises, you have the technology to access your mind and direct your life the way you want it.

In this workshop we will prepare the body first through movement. Learn how to access the different breathing muscles .Then explore how we can use the breath to-

  • Intensify energy
  • Calm and relax the system
  • Quickly alter feeling states in the direction of wellbeing
  • Purify and then strengthen the nervous system
  • Ultimately- to refine our awareness and to raise consciousness

We will finish with a short practise with how the breath leads us into mindfulness.


Mark Breadner Yoga


Mark Breadner is the longest serving yoga educator in Australia, having trained over 1000 Yoga teachers globally. He has a distinct capacity to facilitate rapid growth, developed over 45 years of Yoga practise, teaching and training. Mark is also a qualified somatic Psychotherapist.

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