Yoga Vidya Practice Podcast: Strengthen Your Back & Shape the Breath

by | Apr 7, 2018 | Asana, Podcast, Yoga | 0 comments

This is the first of our live recorded (audio only) yoga classes. In this 1.5hr class you will strengthen the back through forward folds (with the arms extended), standing postures and balance postures. We intentionally shape the prana/life force through the extended exhale and activation of the navel centre. The class finishes with some backbends and subtle asana practice of uddiyana bandha, 5 minute meditation on the exhale and a 5 minute savasana.

Global Mass Meditation

Amidst the turbulence of the ever evolving Coronavirus situation the call went out for people all over the world to join in a global mass meditation on Sunday 5th April 2020 (Australian Time). Yoga Vidya answered the call and led 39 participants through this meditation. Here is the recording.

1hr Hatha Basics: Balanced Action

One Hour Basics class exploring the Anusara principles of Muscle Energy and Organic Energy through standing poses, balance and backbends.

1.5hr Flow: Removing the sense of Doership

This practice explores the idea that there is only so much we can DO within the scope of our yoga practice. There is a wisdom, a sense of awakening and revelation that we are seeking yet (and this is what we call yoga) but we cannot make this happy. So in this sense we cannot DO yoga – we can only create the conditions under which it naturally arises.