Covid 19 Studio Updates & Information

Please bookmark this page for all updates regarding how our studio is evolving to support you through isolation.


We are truly being called to step up, think on our feet and respond very quickly to fast moving situation in which we find ourselves. We sincerely thank you for your unwavering support and we want to acknowledge that everyone is doing it tough at the moment. At Yoga Vidya we are committed to supporting our beautiful community through these times and that includes our teachers. We ask that if you have the financial capacity to do so, you continue with your existing membership and continue to make use of our (slightly amended) timetable from the comfort of your own home. 

All classes will be live streamed via zoom and you will receive an email with access link once you have booked in for the class (Please see instructions below). Classes can be booked in as you would book a regular class at the studio via the timetable page or the Wellness Living “Achieve” app. Please let us know if you have any trouble accessing classes.  

Your ongoing support will ensure the following: 

  • We can continue to provide the tools that will help you to thrive throughout this time,
  • We can ensure the longevity of this thriving community we have all worked so hard to create
  • We can continue to support our staff throughout this time financially

We do however, understand that for many people their financial situation has become uncertain. In the event you need to freeze or cancel your membership – please email and make this request. In saying that, we will be offering free content to ensure that everyone has access to the incredible resource of physical, mental and spiritual health that yoga provides.

Studio members will have complete access to live streamed classes AND a growing collection of pre-recorded classes including yoga, meditation, philosophy talks, recipes and Ayurvedic wisdom.




If you are not yet a member and you would like to have access to all our online live streaming and pre-recorded content we have created a special (temporary) membership for you. This membership can be cancelled at any time. 

For $49 per fortnight this membership includes:

  • Complete and unlimited access to all our live streamed classes
  • Complete access to all our pre-recorded videos (including the 40 day challenge being released week by week) – practice anytime that suits you. 
  • Complete access to all replays of streamed classes – practice anytime that suits you
  • Access to our community facebook group
  • That warm and fuzzy feeling you get from supporting a small business in one of the most challenging times they have ever faced (in return we want to support you too – it’s a mutual thing – we are all in this together). 

It is $49 per fortnight and can be cancelled at any time.  



For the duration of the time the studio is closed we will be offering our class passes at a heavily discounted rate and inviting you to practice with us online from the comfort of your own home. We don’t really offer twenty class passes anymore but have brought them back. You can also pre-purchase your class passes for when the studio re-opens and we will extend the duration of the pass for you, to ensure you get to use it (if you aren’t practicing at home with us). 

Ten class pass is $140 (Usually $185)

Twenty class pass $260 (Usually $320)



While we may see some schedule changes to the timetable – we will do our best to make sure the timetable reflects what is available in as much time as we can. To book in for online streaming of classes please just book into the class as normal and you will be emailed a link to access the class. 

  1. Download the “Zoom” app to the device from which you will be streaming the class.
  2. Register for a FREE Zoom account (we recommend doing this well before the class starts so you can log in on time. 
  3. Please make sure that we have the correct email address for you on file and you are subscribed to the studio booking system (you could set up a gmail account for this if you don’t want all the confirmation emails to fill up your usual mailbox). 
  4. Ensure you have a current membership, intro offer, or class pass. 
  5. Book in for the class as normal via the timetable page of the website OR the Wellness Living “Achieve” App. 
  6. You will receive a confirmation of your booking with a link for you to access the live streamed class. It arrives in your email at the time of booking. Please text Kelly if you have not received the link. 
  7. Be on-line 5 minutes before the class starts! Just like you would a normal in-studio class, as the teacher will not be able to admit you to the meeting once the class has started. 
  8. Members will be able to catch all the replay’s in the “Our Community Online” (members only) section of our website – where you will find lots of pre-recorded yoga goodies. 




We are all already feeling the absence of our amazing community. Whenever I speak to our amazing teachers – the first thing they say is “I miss them already!”. It’s definitely not the same as face to face – but for now it will be how we can all stay in touch, ask questions and share reflections about our practice. 

We would love for you to head over and join our facebook page and keep the conversations going! Feel free to share anything that you think might be helpful as well as share how you are going with your practice at home. 




We know that not everybody is able to continue with studio memberships at the moment and we want to make sure that EVERYONE has access to what they need. So we will make sure that we are still providing free content to support you. Community care is of the upmost importance to us. Please join the community facebook group and talk to us! 

Free content you can access:

  • If you look down the side of this page you will see past classes recorded live that you can access for FREE – these are in-studio audio only classes that have been recorded and can be accessed via the “Blog” page of our website (click here) OR by typing “Yoga Vidya Practice Podcast” into itunes or stitcher. You will find meditations, yoga classes, and Yoga Nidra. 
  • We will be offering free content and posting it on this page and our social media channels so please make sure you are following us for that content AND you have this page bookmarked. 




Another way you can practice online with us that doesn’t involve an ongoing payment is by signing up for our 40 day yoga and meditation challenge. We recorded this 6 week challenge two years ago and it is specific to this time of year. It includes lots of philosophy, meditation, yoga asana, Ayurvedic lifestyle tips and recipes. It’s a one off payment of $78 and crazy value content. 

NOTE: Please don’t purchase this if you are already a member – we will be sharing this with you as part of your membership. 



This one has been a staple of mine for the last 2 years. In Winter or whenever I am feeling run down, i make up a big batch of this broth and drink like a tonic first thing in the morning or even right throughout the day. You can freeze it in 1 cup portions so you have it on hand to use in recipes that call for stock (because you know those store bought ones are full of salt) or to make up a quick and easy noodle soup. Whenever friends or family get run down or sick – I make a big batch and take it over to them.

My batch often is quite different to this original recipe these days as I just keep a tupperware container in the freezer and add veggie cutoffs and spent herbs in there ready for the broth. It does make it a bit hit and miss taste wise but always super nutritious!


Make a pot for yourself and freeze half. Each morning fill half a mug with the broth and top up with boiling water and drink like a cup of tea to give your system a warm and nourishing nutrient hit first thing!


Pre-recorded live (in-studio) classes for you to listen and practice along with at home. 

Global Mass Meditation

Global Mass Meditation

Amidst the turbulence of the ever evolving Coronavirus situation the call went out for people all over the world to join in a global mass meditation on Sunday 5th April 2020 (Australian Time). Yoga Vidya answered the call and led 39 participants through this meditation. Here is the recording.

1hr Hatha Basics: Balanced Action

1hr Hatha Basics: Balanced Action

One Hour Basics class exploring the Anusara principles of Muscle Energy and Organic Energy through standing poses, balance and backbends.

1.5hr Flow: Removing the sense of Doership

1.5hr Flow: Removing the sense of Doership

This practice explores the idea that there is only so much we can DO within the scope of our yoga practice. There is a wisdom, a sense of awakening and revelation that we are seeking yet (and this is what we call yoga) but we cannot make this happy. So in this sense we cannot DO yoga – we can only create the conditions under which it naturally arises.

1.5hr Hatha Flow: In Remembrance of Your Divinity

1.5hr Hatha Flow: In Remembrance of Your Divinity

This 90 minute practice invites a contemplation of the Tantrik world view that God is divine, loving, playful and creative awareness and energetic potential.... and you are God. No more or no less than your neighbour or a blade of grass. Practice casting off your...

1.5hr Hatha Flow: Brighten the inner body via the breath

1.5hr Hatha Flow: Brighten the inner body via the breath

This 90 minute open hatha flow practice both starts and finishes with Viloma Pranayama and asks you to use the breath the brighten and expand the inner body. Expect to strengthen the back and work through standing poses, Vasthistasana and variations of Hero’s pose.