Step into the flow

of wellbeing that is always waiting for you!

Join Kelly Ryan and Naomi Nonu-Carling for a 90 minute webinar on Practicing Wellbeing amidst the Chaos. This online gathering is about acknowledging our wholistic, connected and spiritual nature and diving into the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional nature of health. 

We look at the concept of “wholing” as the foundation of health which tells us that health is much more than just a lack of dis-ease or pathology. This truly wholistic sense of wellbeing acknowledges our connection to the earth, the soil and the greater human community around us. It is a state of fullness, connection and vibrancy which leaves us being able to respond to your circumstances in a creative and inspired way. 



Recorded live – you will receive the replay via email after the online event. 


The Program

Practicing Wellbeing amidst the Chaos


  • Manage the energetic influences so that you’re in control and maintaining empowered freedom
  • Understanding metaphysical triggers taking you off course
  • Cleansing and caring for your emotional, psychic and psychological wellbeing
  • Free yourself from heavy energy to experience the wellbeing that’s always present
  • Understand the truth of your essence and the power of your path
  • Get clearer in your eagle-eyed vision, and trusting your inner knowing


  • Introdction to the concept of our own sense of wholistic health being intrictally related to that of the environments we are a part of. 
  • The vaccuum concept of health – lack creates a vacuum which must be filled – so true health is not the absence of pathology, anxiety, depression, illness etc. but instead a vibrant state of fullness 
  • An overview of the pillars of wholistic health and the path to integration. 


An opportunity to ask any questions and share reflections on your own experiences. 

Nice to meet you..

About the presenters


Kelly Ryan has been fascinated by all forms of health, wellness, transformative process and spirituality since she was a young teenager. She is a seeker, her journey led her to become a qualified massage therapist, homeopath and throughout her seven years of formal studies in natural medicine, she also explored Ayurveda and holistic nutrition. In 2011, she became a meditation facilitator and yoga teacher, of which she is an eternal student in the traditions of Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda & the classical tantric arts.

She loves to weave the practice, philosophy and practical application of Tantra, Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation, old wisdom and contemporary transformational theory, through her teachings in a way they can be well received, applied & integrated by the modern day seeker.

She looks to integrative models of health and personal growth, that focus on an earth centred approach to nourishment (in all it’s forms), connection, consciousness, inspiration and creativity.



Naomi has practiced for over 17 years, facilitating retreats, sacred circles and development for groups and individuals spanning topics including: clearing heavy energies, development of psychic abilities, opening to Channel, discovering Soul Purpose, women’s wisdom and marketing for spiritual business.

Born to a Samoan mother and English father with traditional Seers and Healers on both sides of her ancestry, she has a passion for indigenous culture and first peoples’ wisdoms leading her to sacred sites worldwide including in Peru, New Zealand, Egypt, Israel, Samoa, Thailand, UK, France, Australia and Ireland. She is a mother, and step-mother living with her husband and children in Wollongong.