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Two week Trial

Two weeks of unlimited access to all our classes right across the timetable. The perfect way for experienced yogis to get a feel for our studio, our teachers and our timetable. 


Four Week Beginners Program

Four weeks of unlimite attendance, cycle through four different themes and experience steady progression of all the basics. Great for beginners and those returning after a long break. 

Yoga Vidya Values

Align | Balance | Thrive

Through alignment-based hatha yoga, we offer dynamic classes that focus on strength, integrity & freedom of expression.

People love our studio for the sense of community, personal attention and our slower paced yet dynamic classes. We are committed to yoga as a holistic roadmap to a thriving mind, body & spirit and you will LOVE way our teachers expertly weave the heart and soul of the yoga tradition through every class.


Hatha Basics For Strong Foundations

Accessible Beginner’s Classes with a focus on alignment and developing single pointed concentration.

Progress Your Practice

Stronger, more dynamic classes for experienced yogis introducing energetics of practice such as pranayama, bandha, mantra and meditation. 

Meditation Classes for Clarity

Weekly meditation classes to support the nervous system, and bring clarity of mind – moving you towards the gem of yoga practice. 

Upcoming Events
Sunday 25th july 2021 | 2pm – 4pm

deep self-discovery through the yogic koshas

The Yogic system of the koshas provides an energetic roadmap to the five layers or sheaths of human existence; from our physical body (the most gross) through the increasingly subtle layers, these sheaths colour our experience and shape the way we express.   


We know you want to know more – so here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page. 

I have never done yoga before, where do I start?

If you haven’t done any or much yoga before, practiced inconsistently, or returning after a break – we recommend you start with our four-week beginners program. This gives you unlimited access to all of our Hatha Basics (alignment) classes, yin yoga, yoga nidra and meditation. You can attend one class per week (which is still incredible value) or up to 5 classes per week! Plus you get a 30 minute one to one session with Kelly for questions & personal refinements. If you feel ready to progress into the open classes before the end of your four weeks – just let us know! 

Can I pay for just a single class?

Yes. Our casual class rate is $23. You can book into any class directly via the timetable or pay using eftpos or the correct amount in cash at the studio (sorry, we don’t keep cash on premises). Don’t worry, if you change your mind once you get there, you still have the option to upgrade to a higher value attendance option. 

How much is it once I finish my beginners program or trial period?

We have over 12 different membership & attendance options ranging from less than $10 to $18.50 per class. When you first register to attend (either with the four-week beginners program or  the two-week trial) we will shoot you a link to fill in a short questionnaire. This will help us get to know you better and your reasons for starting yoga with us. As you come to the end of your trial or beginners program we will recommend 2-3 attendance options based on your attendance history AND the way you answered your questions. 

What do you do in an hour long meditation class?

A variety of things. First we connect to our breath, then we do a 5-10 minute warm up to loosen the joints (very basic & accessible). We then do 2-3 restorative postures which are held for between 3-5 minutes laying over bolsters & blankets. Most people find this very relaxing as it supports the nervous system. We then do a 10 minute breathing practice (pranayama) and finish with a 20-25 minute seated meditation. If, you reach your capacity for sitting you can simply lie down. 

Do I have to book into classes? Can I pay on the day?

We do prefer that you book into classes as it not only ensures your spot, but also helps the teacher with class planning. Remember, if the class is full and you have not booked, you will miss out. You can pay on the day using cash or eftpos, however please be aware that we do not keep cash onsite so we require you bring the correct amount as we will not be able to provide change. 

Practice Online

Our 40 Day Online Yoga and Meditation Challenge gives you life-time access to six-weeks of online content including yoga, pranayama, philosophy talks, meditation, recipes and Ayurvedic lifestyle tips. It’s the perfect compliment to a studio practice or solution for yogis who are not local to Wollongong, travelling or just can’t make it into the studio. 

If you are interested in yogas holistic approach to living a connected, inspired and thriving life in all aspects of mind, body and spirit then this online course is a great way to dive into the more “everyday” aspects of the practice. 


“Today was my first class. What a lovely relaxing atmosphere. I was welcomed and helped by both the instructor and other students and felt comfortable at all times. I felt amazing when I walked out the door. Thank you, I will definitely be back!”

“Started with beginner classes with my wife in March 2018. Both of us joined after the beginner course ended and have been members ever since. Classes are small and you get a lot of personal instruction. Kelly, Shell, Kirsty and Sarah are all fabulous instructors and know yoga. Highly recommend joining and enjoying all the benefits yoga can bring to your life”

“I love this little yoga studio! Kelly is a wonderfully passionate and knowledgeable instructor. Even in the busiest classes (class sizes in general are small) and in a class full of beginners, she was so attentive and able to provide instruction appropriate for my 6 month pregnant body.”