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We feel very honoured to have one of the most passionate and inspired teaching teams around. All of our teachers understand yoga is way more than just exercise and a bit of stress relief. We are committed to Yoga as a life-long practice for presence, peace and potency. It starts on the mat and slowly creeps into every aspect of your life. Scroll down to hear what some of our students have to say about our wonderful team. 

Kelly Ryan

Studio founder & principal teacher


Kelly practices and teaches yoga for the seemingly magic way it manages to align her with a fuller, richer and more vibrant way of being in the world. She teaches alignment based hatha with a focus on strong body, soft heart and aims to help her students feel more aligned with their own sense of potency and purpose. In Kelly’s classes you will sweat, build strength and increase mobility whilst building strong foundations of alignment. Expect consistent invitation to explore your inner experience whilst cultivating, potent energy (prana/life force) within your body / mind system, through subtle body practices.

Kelly is passionate about the Tantrik yoga traditions of Sri Vidya and Kashmir Shaivism that teach we are all a spark of divine consciousness. Tantra presents really practical & accessible practices and techniques for normal people living in the world (as opposed to yogis living in caves), to reach their full potential.  Kelly weaves tantrik philosophy & meditation throughout her classes, in a modern-day accessible way.

Kelly has been practicing yoga regularly for over 14 years, teaching for 8 and studied with inspiration teachers both locally and overseas. She is a qualified meditation teacher and has studied Ayurveda, nutrition, massage and homeopathy. She now studies under her main three teachers Cassandra Missio (Asana + alignment), Christopher Hareesh Wallis (Non-dual Saiva Tantra, philosophy, meditation) and Rod Stryker (Tantric Hatha, Meditation, Kriya etc.) 

Catch Kelly on Insight Timer

Catch Kelly on Insight Timer

Want more meditation in your life? Kelly has a teacher profile on the worlds most popular meditation app, Insight Timer. Visit her profile to meditate with Kelly in the comfort of your own home. 

Kirsty Wright

Sunrise Hatha

Kirsty came to yoga after a long journey with anxiety. Her quest to find an effective alternative therapy to calm her mind led her to yoga and meditation, which not only allowed her to quell her anxiety but also to completely open her mind to the beauty, excitement, and opportunity of the world around her. She is an explorer at heart and taught in many countries around the world before re-settling at home in Wollongong.

Her time abroad taught her the importance of stability and community and she now tries to provide that for others. Kirsty’s love for yoga led her to India where she completed two initial trainings She is committed to ongoing study in Australia and abroad; always knowing that the path of a student is a lifelong one. Kirsty’s classes are more than just asana: she weaves pranayama and meditation into each class while continually infusing her teaching with the philosophy and life lessons she has learned along the way.

She is a self-professed walking encyclopaedia of quotes and poems! Kirsty is passionate about creating a safe and supportive space for all people regardless of their size, age and level of experience. She is also an advocate for promoting choice and reminding students of their own inherent power. When not teaching you can find her with her head in a book, jumping in waterfalls or drinking chai lattes in one of her many favourite cafes. As Ram Dass says “we are all just walking each other home”.

Shell Whitbread

Yin Yoga | Sunrise Hatha

Shell’s first experience of yoga was attending classes at school as a teenager. Her practise returned whilst living in London 5 years ago and she experienced a deep sense of knowing, that teaching yoga was my life purpose.

Trained in Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa and Yin, Yoga has become the tool Shell uses to connect with her true self. Along with Vipassana Meditation, Essential oils and Reiki Shell discovered that together, they enhance her over all well being and happiness.

Shell teaches from her own life experiences, encouraging students to be open to the idea that every moment presented to us, is an opportunity encouraging us to grow and become the very best versions of ourselves.

With a strong focus on breath, the use of essential oils and Reiki in class, Shell’s intention as a teacher is to support students emotionally and energetically.

Sarah Kobel

Open Hatha Flow

Sarah’s instant love of yoga began 18 years ago when, after the birth of her second child, she stumbled across a yoga class at her local gym. The asana postures and focus on the breath opened up new ways of staying calm and focused as a Mother of young children! A dedicated yogi from that moment, Sarah went on to have two more children AND train as a yoga teacher.

Her foundational training was with John Ogilvie in 2012, and Sarah has gone on to attend many workshops and training with visiting teachers to the Illawarra ~ Amy Ippoliti, Mark Robberds, Rachel Zinman & John Weddephol. She also completed her Yin Yoga training with Tara Fitzgibbon in 2016 ~ often adding Yin elements to her Hatha Flow classes.

With a joyful approach to teaching, Sarah gives students the opportunity to find within themselves kindness, curiosity and a centred heart.

Renee Dyson

Half Hatha / Half Yin

Renee began her voyage into yoga in early High School when she opted for a Hatha Class for school sport to avoid doing any real exercise. While her intention was inspired by her apathetic teenager-ness, laying in savasana on the prickly carpet of the demountable classroom stirred something in Renee she could have never had anticipated – a great, big love for deep calm.

Yoga for Renee became the ‘still point of the turning world’, a place in which she could traverse the stress of everyday existence. This appreciation for quietude led her to further explore and adopt meditation and mindfulness techniques as part of her everyday ritual, an integral component in her classes today.

Renee’s teaching structure embodies the idea of yoga as a ‘meditation in motion’. Drawing on her studies in Buddhist Meditation and Philosophy, students are guided to dive deep into present moment awareness with gentle, flowing movements and longer-held postures married with the breath. Classes are an exploration in what it means to truly slow down, moving past the attainment of physical postures into a sense of ease that permeates life beyond the mat.

Love for our Teachers

“What a wonderful class! I learnt so many new things today, particularly about technique. The small class and personal adjustments were so nice. And loved the warm tea at the end. Thank you!”

“Started with beginners classes with my wife in March 2018. Both of us joined after the course ended and have been members ever since. Classes are small and you get a lot of personal instruction. Kelly, Shell, Kirsty and Sarah are all fabulous instructors and know yoga. I highly recommend joining and enjoying all the benefits yoga can bring to your life.”

“I had the pleasure of another fabulous workshop today (Restorative) led by Kelly. Again… a beautiful led practice full fo knowledg, guidance and inspiration that i totally take home with me. Thanks Kelly, wish i lived closer, your the real deal and you know I love your offerings, Much love and thanks x x”

“Amazing and classes are just mind relaxing. Enjoying my time.”

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