1 On 1 Yoga Empowerment Sessions with Kelly Ryan

Mindset, Energy, Vibrance & Purpose

Start Shaping Your New Life Today

If you keep doing the same thing you will always get the same result. 

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Kelly’s unique style of 1:1 meditation and yoga sessions mean that you get way more than just a yoga class. Yoga is a complete system for life. With commitment and dedication to personal practice it will help you cultivate and maintain a connection to the  unchanging part of you that is resilient, balanced and on purpose.

So whilst we may start with the body via yoga postures… this is very much just the beginning. 

Yoga Empowerment Sessions

Support the Nervous System

An essential first step when trying to create positive change and implement new habits. When the nervous system is balanced, the body feels more relaxed, the mind switches into “explorative” mode which means you are more open to new things and forming new (and positive) neural pathways.

Embodiment: Get in your body

There is no point trying to bring more awareness to your life if you aren’t yet feeling it in your body – this is your vehicle! Through asana practice we build your attention to detail in your life from the inside out and yoga postures are the perfect way to do this!

Develop a Masterful Mindset

The way you experience your mind informs the way you experience your life. Through awareness practices, concentration, reflection and intention we gradually reshape the way you experience your mind. Mastery of the mind = Mastery of your life. 

An Attitude of Intention and Purpose

It is so easy for us to believe that we are at the mercy of our thoughts and feelings. It is so important to witness our thoughts and feel our feelings from a place of loving acceptance and non-judgement. It is equally important to be consciously programming ourselves to think and feel in a way that supports our health, happiness and wellbeing. Yoga teaches us the art of connecting to our purpose and cultivating the qualities of the heart that will support us on our journey. 

How do I know if Kelly’s approach is right for me?

Well, to be honest you won’t know until you start and it pays to keep in mind you get back what you put in. In saying that I do not believe that I am the right fit for everyone nor should i ever expect to be. First, read through these frequently asked questions, then schedule yourself a FREE 15 minute introduction call. This will help us both get to know each other a little better, and from there we can work out if we are the right fit!

I have an old injury that I want to work more specifically with, can we just work on that.

Yes we can! The Anusara system of Hatha Yoga is an alignment based modality with lots of therapeutic applications so it is great for working through physical injuries, limitations and mobility issues. In saying that, there is ALWAYS a mind component – so I will be encouraging you to bring some more awareness to this aspect of your injury or physical limitation. 

Can I have a free trial session first, to make sure I like the way you work?

No, for two reasons. One, it is important that there is an exchange for services so that you can take real ownership of the content and teachings I am providing and two my time is valuable to me (as should yours be to you!). If you are still not sure about us working together after our 15 minute introduction call then you can purchase a one-off session and should you decide to choose a package then that amount will come off the cost of your total package. 

What would my sessions look like?

Your sessions will be conducted either in the studio (in Port Kembla) or online via Skype or Zoom. During the sessions we will chat about what is coming up for you, the direction you wish to go in and the things that are holding you back. We will then do some kind of practice together wether it is a physical practice or a meditation practice or a combination of both. You will also be supplied with practice notes and recordings for practices to take home.

Do I need to commit to practicing for an hour every day?

No. Consistent practice is key but we will work around what you can reasonably and realistically work into your life. Plus you will often receive practices that can be incorporated into your daily life. It does pay to remember however that you do get back what you put in – so the more time you set aside for creating change in your life, the more powerful that change can be. 

Can I attend the regular classes at the studio at the same time?

Most likely yes assuming group classes are appropriate for any injuries or limitations you might be working with. Occasionally group classes may not be in alignment with your particular focus but that can be worked out along the way. We can offer you a discount on group classes for the duration of your Yoga Empowerment sessions if you choose the three or six month practice program. 

My Approach

I love the physical aspect of Yoga and through the profound alignment principals of Anusara Yoga – I love how the physical practice of yoga can become therapeutic for physical injuries or building the experience of strength, flexibility and ability in your body. I just urge you not to stop there. 

Through the practice of yoga asana (posture), pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, Ayurvedic lifestyle principals and energy practices (kriyas) we can use our practice for so much more. To change the way we experience our body, our breath, our mind, and our energy to uncover a life of balance, vitality, joy and purpose. This is the promise of yoga if you choose to take the journey. 

“I couldn’t recommend the private lessons with Kelly enough! I have only just started my yoga journey, and as well as taking regular classes with the wonderful Shell and Georgia, I found that my private sessions brought a real tailored and individual approach to my learning.
Kelly listened and catered to my individual needs so supportively and in her wonderfully nurturing way, that my private sessions brought me much growth and awareness I could not have reached so effectively by myself. How happy I am to have become a member of Yoga Vidya and to have started my journey with these amazing teachers. Thank you!”


“I was so fortunate to have had a private session with Kelly. I was going through some emotional stuff at the time and Kelly was a godsend. She helped me stay grounded and strong and focused on the areas of my body that needed work the most. I highly recommend it, not only for your physical health but your mental health.”


The Road to Transformation: 6 month practice program (12 sessions)

If you really want to experience change at the deepest level through the incredibly tools of the Yoga Tradition – this is the package for you. We meet on average once every two weeks and you receive practices to take home and do in between our sessions. I expect you to be committed, and I will hold you accountable.

$60 \ fortnight

More Details
  • Sessions can be taken either in person at the studio or online via zoom
  • This is a direct debit program paid over six months.
  • It is strongly recommended that you keep your sessions around the fortnightly mark – however life happens so you have up to one year to complete the practice program. 

Calling in Serious Change: 3 month practice program (6 sessions)

This shorter program is an incredible introduction to a sustainable and satisfying home practice that will leave you feeling renewed, motivated and inspired. We meet on average once every two weeks and you receive practices to take home and do in between our sessions. I expect you to be committed, and I will hold you accountable.

$65 / fortnight

More Details
  • Sessions can be taken either in person at the studio or online via zoom
  • This is a direct debit program paid over three months.
  • It is strongly recommended that you keep your sessions around the fortnightly mark – however life happens so you have up to six-months to complete the practice program.

Get a Taste: Three session multi-pack

The multi-pack of private yoga is for people that might just want a little help to get back on track with a few things, or some therapeutic recovery post injury. It’s also for those of you who are curious about the practice programs but might not be quite ready to jump in yet. 


More Details
  • Three one hour yoga sessions
  • Three month expiry

Single 1hr Private Session

Sometimes all you need is a single session to re-inspire your practice, give you some specific exercises for that pesky shoulder or a few personal refinements for your high plank. This is also a great way to be sure that you align with Kelly’s approach if you are thinking about joining the practice program. 


More Details
  • Single session only
  • The price of this session can be taken off the cost of one of our practice programs IF you decide to go ahead within a week of your single session. 

Still Have Questions?