Alignment in Action Workshop Series


Alignment in Action workshop series with guest teacher Meagan Collins.


The Universal Principals of Alignment™ (UPA’s) are a set of bio-mechanical principals that can be applied to all yoga postures in order to bring the body into alignment. Rather than subscribing to the concept that there is only one ideal outcome of a posture for all bodies, the UPA’s celebrate and sustain all types of bodies and help them into their own ‘Optimal Blueprint’ of a pose. 

When this optimal blueprint is obtained the practitioner will experience: 

  • A refinement in the flow of energy in the body 
  • An increased sense of strength and stability 
  • A deeper sense of connection to both themselves and the greater flow of life around them. 

This workshop series is suitable for any serious Yogi who wishes to deepen their Yoga practice without compromising safety and any Yoga teachers who would like to increase their awareness and instruction of alignment within the flow of their classes. 


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