Beginners Course – September Intake



Have you been meaning to start yoga for months now? Perhaps even years? This six-week beginners yoga course is the perfect introduction for people new yogis or those looking for a refresher in setting up a safe, sustainable and inspiring practice.

Establish a steady practice routine and experience consistent progress as you build on your bodies strength, flexibility and general wellbeing through the practice of yoga postures. Discover breathing and meditation techniques to deepen your focus, build emotional resilience and feel more steady, connected and calm.

This course will cover the following:
The common postures, sequences and breathing techniques of hatha yoga.
Basic principles of alignment that will guide you confidently in all postures and keep your practice safe and sustainable and your joints happy for years to come!
How to engage your muscles without creating tension in your body
How to stretch your muscles safely, whilst looking after common areas of injury in the body
The ways that yoga is so much more than just a physical practice and why this is important to your life
How to increase or decrease the intensity of your practice according to your specific needs
The basics of meditation practice and tools for focusing your mind in class and daily life



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