New Year Morning Intensive: Asana |Pranayama | Mantra |Meditation

Start 2020 with Energy, Clarity, Calm & Purpose

How do you want to feel as you walk into 2020?

Join us in the studio for five days of morning yoga as we dive into a complete practice over 90 minutes to leave you feeling calm, centred, energised, steady, clear and focused. This morning intensive is a way for us to come together and be very intentional about the way we move into the new year to come. 

ASANA: 45 minutes of dynamic (yoga posture) practice to awaken and energise.

PRANAYAMA: 10 minutes of pranayama to shape your breath and steady the mind so you feel calm & ready for meditation.

MANTRA: 20 minutes of mantra practice. Considered the instrument of the mind the practice will reset the habitual thought patterns of the mind and infuse a more beneficial attitude or quality that will then influence and shape your thoughts in a more beneficial way in the days and weeks to follow. 

MEDITATION: 15 minutes of silent meditation for you to sit in the sweetness of your own silent truth that is made accessible by the preceding practices. The more connected with the truth of our own essence nature we are – the more that touchstone of truth penetrates every aspect of our day. Includes a 5 minute savasana. 

Event Details

DATE: Monday 6th January – Friday 10th January 2020 

TIME: 6am – 7:30am

VENUE: Yoga Vidya Wollongong

INVESTMENT: $79 (Please note if you are a current member you can place your membership on hold whilst you attend). 

Kelly Ryan Yoga and Meditation Wollongong

Kelly Ryan

Kelly practices and teaches yoga for the seemingly magic way it manages to align her with a fuller, richer and more vibrant way of being in the world. Through a dynamic hatha yoga practice, as well as meditation, mantra & pranayama – she aims to help her students feel more aligned with their own sense of potency and purpose.

Kelly is hatha and vinyasa trained, has been practicing yoga regularly for over 14 years, teaching for 6 and studied with inspirational teachers both locally and oversees. Her teachers have included Nicole Walsh of InYoga and Noah Maze and she passionately teaches alignment based hatha through the tantric lineage.

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