Four Week Beginners Yoga Program

Learn the basics and build confidence through the repetition and consistency of a four-week beginners cycle.



A four week beginners yoga course that builds your confidence, strength and flexibility in the foundational postures and sequences of hatha yoga. Perfect for people new yoga or those looking for a refresher in setting up a safe, sustainable and inspiring practice.

Establish a steady practice routine and experience consistent progress as you cycle through this four week course – each week covering a different part of the body and set of postures. Over the 28 days of practice your body will start to feel stronger, more open, flexible and you will experience a greater sense of wellbeing. Discover breathing and meditation techniques to deepen your focus, build emotional resilience and feel more steady, connected and calm. 

..Expect to experience the following:

  • The common postures, sequences and breathing techniques of hatha yoga so you feel more familiar with the practice and confident moving into open classes.
  • Basic principles of alignment that will guide you confidently in all postures and keep your practice safe and sustainable and your joints happy for years to come!
  • How to engage your muscles without creating tension in your body so you start to feel both strong and free in your body
  • How to stretch your muscles safely, whilst looking after common areas of injury in the body
  • The ways that yoga is so much more than just a physical practice and why this is important to your life
  • How to increase or decrease the intensity of your practice according to your specific needs
  • The basics of meditation practice and tools for focusing your mind in class and daily life


Start anytime! We run in four week cycles and by the time you finish you will have passed through all four focus points!


Attend as many classes per week as you like. Unlimited access to our Hatha Basics, Meditation, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra. 

Monday Hatha Basics – 7:30pm (1hr) Tuesday Yin Yoga – 5:45pm (90 min) Wednesday Hatha Basics – 6pm (1hr) Wednesday Meditation – 7:15pm (1hr) Thursday Hatha Basics – 10am (1hr) Friday Yin Yoga – 4pm (90 min) and Yoga Nidra – 6pm on the first Friday of each month. 



$89  per person. As part of your registration you also receive a stunning 75 page ebook detailing the foundational postures, breathing practices and sequences of hatha yoga.  


Various teachers from our Yoga Vidya teaching team.


Yoga Vidya, 45 Wentworth Street Port Kembla


Receive this stunning 75 page beginners yoga course e-booklet FREE on registration to go over the poses, sequences & breathing techniques of the hatha yoga practice.

This four week beginners program is the perfect way to establish a consistent routine and start to experience the incredible benefits that a regular yoga practice can bring to your life. Unlike many beginners courses that only run once a week – we give you unlimited access to the beginners classes. Attend as many classes per week as you can and develop healthy habits of consistency, commitment and regularity and FEEL the difference in body, mind and spirit. 

This four-week course is the perfect way to establish a consistent practice and start to see the incredible benefits that regular yoga practice can bring into your life.

Most people discover their energy increases, their sleep improves and they feel clearer in mind and more free in their body!

This is just the beginning

Expect to experience the following:

  • The postures are both ACCESSIBLE and FAMILIAR to you. 
  • STRONGER in your body yet with less tension 
  • CONFIDENT in modifying to suit any specific injuries or health conditions you might have.
  • An increased sense of EASE within your body and your mind.
  • More PRESENT, CALM and CENTRED in your every day life
  • More able to consciously RELAX your body and mind to access a deeper sense of rest for better SLEEP at night.

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