Join senior International yoga teachers Rachel Zinman and John Weddepohl for an insightful workshop exploring the nature of wellness and how asana, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda and self-knowledge work together to remind us of our natural state of wholeness.

“Rachel and John offer a unique combination of yoga taught from the very highest levels of practice and understanding, along with nothing less than an insight into the absolute nature of Self. Rachel brings alive a precise and penetrating knowledge of the spirit, science, and subtleties of yoga, while John offers a transformative illumination of Advaita Vedanta, or non-dualistic self-knowledge, as available only from one who has spent many years in an ancient teaching lineage. In a world awash with trendy yogas and pseudo-spirituality, Rachel and John offer a priceless immersion into the real deal.” 

We are born healthy because health is the natural state of the body and we only ever notice our health when it’s gone. Its in a crisis that we seek solutions. The crisis could be disease, loss, the end of a relationship, depression, anxiety…whatever the crisis yoga, ayurveda (the science of health and healing) and the wisdom teachings from the Upanishads have always offered the solution.

Yoga purifies and repairs the nervous system, calms the mind, enabling us to regain inner strength.

Ayurveda teaches that the body, made up of the 5 elements, has a unique constitution and meets stress in a particular way. If we can understand how we each as individuals respond to stress we can support our bodies to come back to balance with ease and grace.

How to maintain the freedom of our minds and how disease affects us is at the very heart of the teachings of Self Knowledge (Atma Vidya). Just like we only notice health once its missing, we only miss our freedom once it’s gone.





Date: Sunday 15th July 2018

Time: 9am – 4pm

Venue: Yoga Vidya, 45 Wentworth Street Port Kembla

Investment: $135 early-bird (if paid before the 15th June), $155 full price. You will receive a $5 discount if you purchase the book “Yoga and Diabetes” at the time of registration (for $49.99).

Teachers: Rachel Zinman and John Weddepohl


9.00 – 10.00: Talk with Rachel on Ayurveda, the doshas and how to build and maintain Ojas ( immunity) with a questionnaire and excerpts read from the book

10 – 12.00: Yoga practice with pranayama for building strength and immunity with info about which pose is good for which dosha

12.00 – 1.00: lunch break

1-2.30: Talk with John on how Self Knowledge- Upanishadic wisdom supports us to live well no matter what our state of health mentally, physically and emotionally

2.30-3.30 Ishta Mala sequence, a practice for life and yoga nidra with Rachel and John

3.30-4.00 Book signing and short reading with Rachel
There will be an opportunity to hear excerpts from Rachel’s new book and a book signing at the end of the workshop


“Incredible workshop on yoga, ayurveda, and how to treat chronic physical & mental health conditions, thank you Rachel Zinman & John Weddepohl”

“I am feeling so grateful and inspired! thank you both for all you shared:) It was a real treat to be in your presence and tap in!”


Yoga for Diabetes is a highly motivational and personalized guide to inspire readers to incorporate yoga into their daily diabetes management plan. Complete with questionnaire, inspiring photography and art, readers are gently guided to achieve better blood glucose levels, less stress and radiant health and well-being no matter what their age or level of experience.



Rachel Zinman is passionate about the deeper aspects of yoga and its ability to heal and inspire. She has spent the last 35 years practicing enthusiastically as well as teaching nationally (in Australia) and internationally since 1992. She has studied with some of the most influential teachers in the west as well as immersing herself in the study and assimilation of the classical system of knowledge called Vedanta, in the lineage of Adi Shankara.

While living in New York from 2000–2004 Rachel met and mentored with ISHTA yoga founder Alan Finger which led to teaching in his studios for four years. There she co-created and coordinated their Teacher Training Program, becoming a senior facilitator and mentor.

Rachel was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008 at the age of 42. It took six years for her to accept her diagnosis of type 1 LADA diabetes. Her diagnosis revolutionized her approach to teaching and practice. She started her Yoga for Diabetes blog to share with the diabetes online community how yoga has helped her to manage her diabetes.
Her new book “Yoga for Diabetes, How to Manage Your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda is available from Amazon or where all good books are sold.

Her classes are often described as a fluid mix of creative playful sequencing, meaningful insights and lighthearted fun.


John Weddepohl (Siddharthan) has always been blessed with teachers. One of few English speakers teaching Self Knowledge, John joins two of India’s time honored traditions dating back to Indias great revivalist Adi Shankara and great Guru Boghanathar Siddha one of the 18 Tamil Siddhas.

A talented musician from the age of seven, John found success as a singer, songwriter and later composing music for film and television.

In 2004, John journeyed across India as a western sadhu. It is through the grace and blessing of his Master H.H. Sri Pujya Suddhananda Swamiji and the blessings of the Boghanathar Siddha tradition of Palani that John has been able to assimilate the wisdom of the Upanishads and share the secrets of Asta Yoga, the Yoga of Agastya. Self Knowledge breaks the barrier of time uplifting humanity and resolving the problem of human suffering in India for countless generations.

John teaches the philosophy component on the Ishta System Mentorship Teacher Training, the Yoga Synergy teacher training and for Air Yoga in Munich. He has been featured on the Bali Spirit Festival, The Byron Spirit Retreat, The Berlin Yoga Festival, Bhakti Yoga Summer, Yoga Fest and taught workshops and retreats in the USA, India, Bali, Japan, Europe, South Africa and Australia since 2010. You can find out more about John at