New Year's Morning Intensive with Jaz

Start 2021 with energy, clarity, calm and purpose


THE Details

Join us in the studio for five days of morning yoga as we dive into a complete practice over 90 minutes to leave you feeling calm, centred, energised, steady, clear and focused.

This morning intensive is a way for us to come together and be very intentional about the way we move into the new year to come. 

ASANA: 45 minutes of dynamic (yoga posture) practice to awaken and energise.

PRANAYAMA: 10 minutes of pranayama to shape your breath and steady the mind so you feel calm & ready for meditation.

MANTRA: 20 minutes of mantra practice. Considered the instrument of the mind the practice will reset the habitual thought patterns of the mind and infuse a more beneficial attitude or quality that will then influence and shape your thoughts in a more beneficial way in the days and weeks to follow. 

MEDITATION: 15 minutes of silent meditation for you to sit in the sweetness of your own silent truth that is made accessible by the preceding practices. The more connected with the truth of our own essence nature we are – the more that touchstone of truth penetrates every aspect of our day. Includes a 5 minute savasana. 



Monday 4th January – Friday 8th January 2021


6am – 7:30am each morning


$95 per person 


Jazmine Wheatley


Yoga Vidya, 45 Wentworth Street Port Kembla

ABOUT Your Teacher

JAZMINe Wheatley

After being a dedicated yoga practitioner for years, Jazmine journeyed to India where she trained in Hatha yoga at Tattvaa Yoga Shala. She has an ongoing thirst for expanding her knowledge and understanding of yoga and considers herself as primarily a student.

Jazmine’s warm, playful, funny and passionate nature is ever-present in her classes as she provides a fun and challenging environment. She draws inspiration from yogic philosophy, skillfully weaving in alignment, mindfulness and breath with creative sequencing. She encourages students to move beyond their perceived limitations, expect an invitation to delve inward and explore the layers of the self through connected movement.


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