River Reset Integrative Retreat

Friday 19th – Sunday 21st February 2021

A TOtal health & mindset reset

More than Just a RETREAT

The thing about wellness retreats is… most people have a lovely time away, they relax, eat some great food, do some yoga, perhaps have a few “uh-huh” moments (if they are lucky), then they return to their every day lives. Everything is still waiting for them, nothing has changed and eventually that refresh is simply washed away. 

I (Kelly), really wanted to create an inspiring, immersive, transformational yet most importantly INTEGRATIVE experience that wasn’t just another weekend away. I wanted to create a retreat experience to really help people (i.e. you) shift some of that heavy stuff that you have been carrying around with you. I wanted people to leave this weekend feeling like they have direction, clarity, inspiration, support and most importantly – A process! A process to take the shifts experienced on retreat and weave them skilfully throughout their lives. 

…and you know what? I am really excited about what we have come up with!

Check out the inspiring list of retreat inclusions below.

Beyond the retreat – take your process home


2 x DYNAMIC Morning Yoga Sessions

Conscious embodiment via dynamic tantric hatha yoga practices to align your body, your breath and your heart. 

river reset integrative retreat workbook

You will receive a digital copy of your workbook as soon as you register and be encouraged to start making your way through the journalling prompts and reflections. This is going to be one of the magic keys to weaving your learnings throughout your daily life upon your return home. Includes digital recordings.  

1 x Evening Yoga Nidra session

Complete rest.   

delicious, abundant wholefood plant based meals

Enjoy deliciously nourishing, super fresh, vegan meals prepared by passionate wholefood chef Marianna Rose. Her meals are full of colour and a feast for the eyes as well as the belly. 

Personalised Yoga practice to take home

Each participant will receive a 20 minute home practice to take home and continue the process with provided by Kelly. This could be in the form of physical movement and or meditation, pranayama or kriya practice. These practices will be given over individual zoom sessions before and after teh retreat. 

1 x restorative yoga session

Restorative yoga to support melt your tension and move your system into rest, digest and explore – so you are in a state to take in the teachings for the whole weekend.

transformational workshops

Workshops led by Kelly Ryan and Naomi Nonu-Carling on the pillars of complete health, essential tools for resilience, joy and longevity and unleashing your power. 

1 x 1-2 hour Individual Freedom session

Through the powerful modality of empathic communication every participant receives a session with Naomi to uncover and release limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck in unhelpful patterns. Sessions will be held in the lead up to the retreat via zoom, in person on retreat and after retreat via zoom. First in best dressed. 

Access to the river reset facebook group

The facebook group will be where the group stays in contact for the three months following the retreat to share their reflections, challenges & triumphs in integrating the teachings & process throughout their daily lives. 

The Backdrop

Wood, earth & stone in the stunning Bamarang State Forest.

Summer Tree houses in the bush

By the Shoalhaven river

Our venue this time around is the beautifully rustic Bamarang Bush Retreat. A number of large houses, cabins, yoga studio and roundhouse set amongst the trees by the side of the Shoalhaven River, just an hour south of Wollongong.

The property has walking tracks (it’s a 30 minute walk to Bamarang Lookout), lots of beautifully created outdoor spaces and a short walk to the most perfect part of the river to gather, sit and swim.

Bamarang is a uniquely beautiful venue with plenty of private nooks for you to enjoy time to yourself, or chat with fellow guests in the many and varied communal areas both indoors and outdoors. Verandah’s amongst the treetops, with a summer breeze off the river are the perfect place for you to kick back, relax, reflect and enjoy the weekend itinerary.

The basic accommodation for the weekend is quad-share though with lot’s of options on the property you can upgrade to a twin share room with your own double bed each, private room or even your own private cabin.



and special offerings

Head facilitator, Yoga & Meditation teacher

kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan has been fascinated by all forms of health, wellness, transformative process and spirituality since she was a young teenager. She is a seeker. She started by studying massage & homeopathy, ventured into Ayurveda & nutrition and in 2011, she became a meditation facilitator and yoga teacher. She has studied with senior teachers both locally and overseas and looks to Christopher Hareesh Wallis, Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Cassandra Missio as her main teachers.


She loves to weave the practice, philosophy and practical application of Tantra, Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation, old wisdom and contemporary transformational theory, through her teachings in a way they can be well received, applied & integrated by the modern day seeker.  


Yoga, meditation & kriya


Each one of our retreat participants will receive a 20 minute take home yoga practice they will be encouraged to take on daily or regularly throughout their week. It will be kept to a super accessible time (15-20 min practice) and catered towards the individuals mobility, practice level, goals and needs. The idea is to give you something realistic that you will be inspired to incorporate into your daily life. For some this will look like a 10 minute breathing practice for others it will look like a laying down guided meditation and others a dynamic 20 minutes of movement. 

Who are you becoming and how are you getting there?


As the visionary of this Integrative Retreat Experience Kelly will be facilitating a number of the sessions over the weekend, including the morning breath work (pranayama) and meditation, the morning yoga sessions and two of the workshop sessions.


In her workshops she will be guiding you through the pillars of complete health and the way they are interrelated, and using the wisdom practices of Hatha Yoga, Tantra and modern day science to help you tap into the well spring of energy, longevity, wisdom and inspiration that is within you.
BSci Psyc, Grad Dip Psychotherapy, NLP Coach


Naomi has practiced for over 17 years, facilitating retreats, sacred circles and development for groups and individuals spanning topics including: clearing heavy energies, development of psychic abilities, opening to Channel, discovering Soul Purpose, women’s wisdom and marketing for spiritual business.

Born to a Samoan mother and English father with traditional Seers and Healers on both sides of her ancestry, she has a passion for indigenous culture and first peoples’ wisdoms leading her to sacred sites worldwide including in Peru, New Zealand, Egypt, Israel, Samoa, Thailand, UK, France, Australia and Ireland. She is a mother, and step-mother living with her husband and children in Wollongong.   





Every one of our retreat participants will receive a “Freedom Session” with Naomi as part of their package. Freedom sessions are a specific process effective at efficiently removing a limiting belief, progress block or negative pattern in one session. For this session, you’ll need to identify a pattern, belief or block that is negatively impacting your happiness or fulfilment in a relationship or situation. Doing a freedom session creates deeper awareness and understanding of the issues that have manifested and gives light to your greater truth. You’ll leave these sessions with a brighter outlook and never to return the same!
These sessions require only talking and speaking from the heart. Allow Naomi to guide you gently through the 1- 2 hr session in a private one-on-one consult. These can be done via Zoom or in person at the retreat. More sessions can be booked at later times to address any other issues that you feel inspired to work with. In regards to availability – the first participants to sign up to the retreat will get the first pick of available sessions. 
 Workshop Session

Positive energetic boundaries &  Freeing Your Power


Naomi will be leading one of our workshop sessions where she will be guiding people through a process to inspire them to stand firm in their boundaries, take up more space and unleash their personal power. In this workshop you can expect to enjoy discussion on the nature of your true essence and how to tap into that wellspring of guidance within, how to powerfully navigate the metaphysical and tools for becoming clearer around your role as we move powerfully into the future we are creating (and the New Earth we are dreaming into existence). 

This workshop includes a presentation as well as activities/exercises including partner work and meditation.
Organic Abundance

Fresh Vegan Wholefoods prepared by Marianna Rose

fresh clean prana filled bounty by

Marianna Rose

Marianna is a plant based chef based in Sydney, New South Wales. She has extensively studied raw food and detoxification, Ayurveda health and nutrition and incorporates each of the teachings into her work. 
Food to her is a creative outlet as well as an opportunity to heal ourselves and reconnect to nature.
She believes that by changing the way we treat food, from creation to consumption, we can make the world a more loving and connected place


The details

All your questions answered – if not, get in touch!

 final what it looks like…

Sample Itinerary

Friday afternoon guests arrive

Introductions & opening ceremony with Naomi & Kelly, followed by restorative yoga with Kelly. After practice, enjoy your first meal of the weekend. Time to relax after dinner and we close the evening with a yoga nidra practice. 


We start the day with pranayama & meditation led by Kelly, followed by breakfast and free time (perhaps a river swim, followed by some time journaling with prompts from your workbook?). Then enjoy a morning yoga session and workshop, both facilitated by Kelly. 

After a delicious lunch you can enjoy more free time before you settle into a workshop with Naomi. By that time you will be ready to enjoy dinner and perhaps a more festive coming together to raise our voices!


The day starts quite the same as Saturday… pranayama, meditation, breakfast, free time & yoga and free time. After lunch we come together for our closing ceremony and goodbyes. 



Friday 19th February – 3pm Sunday 1st November


Bamarang Bush Retreat, Nowra


$890 quad share room

$940 twin share room with your own double bed

$940 couple in private bedroom

$1,100 your own private room

$1,115 private cabin (couple)

$1,215 private cabin (1 person)

Please note these are the early bird prices and if not paid in full by 1st Feb an extra amount of $100 will apply. 

Twice daily yoga & meditation, twin share accommodation, yoga nidra, philosophy, 6 delicious wholefood meals.

To secure your spot please email Kelly on info@yogavidya.com.au to arrange direct bank deposit or you can book through our secure booking system.

A $300 deposit is required upon booking and to secure early bird pricing the remainder is due by the 1st Feb.

Please note, you will be taken to our secure booking platfrom in Wellness Living. Click “enroll now”, then “next” and you will be taken to the various purchase options to make your accommodation selection. A $300 deposit is required to secure your booking. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it ok if i am just a beginner?

Options for both beginners and experienced yogis will ensure the movement practice is accessible to all. The classes are gently paced and carefully sequenced to allow you to feel cared for and challenged simultaneously!


No problem. The food will be mostly whole food, plant-based, fruit and vegetables with no dairy and little to no gluten. In saying that, if you have any food allergies or sensitivities, please let us know so we can make sure you are well looked after.


You may wish to bring your own yoga props though everything you need will be supplied.  

A good book, your journal and a pen. 

Shoes for walking in the bush and swimsuit for swimming in the river plus your favourite beach towel.

A favourite meditation shawl and/or cushion if you have one. 

Ask questions or book your space in the retreat

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