Winter yoga Challenge Wollongong


Keep motivated and stay on track with your personal meditation and asana practice this winter – with this immersive and supportive group challenge!

As the end of Winter approaches, many people find it difficult to get into the studio and maintain any semblance of a regular yoga and meditation practice.

I’ll admit, it’s true that it is way easier to stay at home wearing an oversized hoody cuddled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book (or Netflix – if that’s your thing)… BUT you guys always tell me how you wish you had maintained your practice throughout the Winter period.

That’s why this year we are putting a bit of extra motivation on the table. The 40 Day Winter Yoga Challenge invites you to commit to yourself and your practice. It is designed to challenge you, to evolve your personal yoga practice, build your resilience, your immune system and help slide you gracefully into Spring feeling strong, centred, and ready to greet the sun!

What is the commitment?

  • We recommend 3 studio classes per week for local yogis, however the full package includes an unlimited membership so you can come as much as you like! Or you can get the pass for members and continue with your current membership or pass if you can’t commit to any more classes than you currently attend.
  • At least 2 home 1/2 hr practices per week (we encourage 5 home practices for online participants)
  • Daily 5-10 meditation
  • Read “Yoga Gem’s: A Treasury of Practice” by Georg Feurstein
  • Daily journal (even if it is just a paragraph each day)
  • Sunrise Spring Beach Practice (6am) to celebrate the end of the challenge.
  • Weekly catch ups (optional)


Date: Starts Monday 23rd July 2018

Duration: 40 days

Venue: Yoga Vidya, your house and some other special locations

Investment: $75 per person for online attendance – or add a 40 day unlimited studio membership for just $59!

If you have a current class pass or membership it can be put on hold for the duration of the challenge.



Why a 40 day Yoga Challenge?

It’s said that to create change in our lives at the deepest level and install new habitual ways of doing things we need to commit to 40 days of conscious change! This program is designed to be a completely immersive experience that supports you in creating deep level change that trickles out into all areas of your life.

Through a daily practice of energising asana, journalling and guided meditation coupled with inspirational reading, daily healthcare rituals and a supportive community you are planting the seeds of change throughout all levels of your being.

The program invites you to feel supported and held by Kelly (your facilitator), your fellow participants and the powerful practices of the yoga tradition. You will feel confident in setting new routines that serve your essence nature and cultivate a sense of joyful intimacy with the present moment. This helps us to gain a sense of contentment that with practice becomes more and more accessible that is independent of our external circumstances.

All the resources that you receive as part of this program are yours to keep and will build your confidence in both yoga and meditation as well as enrich your connection to practice well beyond the duration of the program.


By the end of this 40 day program you will feel confident in your established daily practice. You will cultivate clarity and space around your daily challenges & commitments; plus a deeper sense of connection in your relationships with Self and others.


Between our practice podcast, the facebook group, our ever growing studio timetable and a ton of juicy audio and video content this immersive 40 day program ensures yogis near and far will be well looked after as we dive int the beauty of daily practice.


Kelly Ryan

Kelly practices and teaches yoga for the seemingly magic way it manages to align her with a fuller, richer and more vibrant way of being in the world. She teaches alignment based hatha with a focus on strong body, soft heart and aims to help her students feel more aligned with their own sense of potency and purpose.

In Kelly’s classes you will sweat, build strength and increase mobility whilst building strong foundations of alignment. Expect consistent invitation to explore your inner experience whilst cultivating, potent energy (prana/life force) within your body / mind system, through subtle body practices.

Kelly is passionate about the Tantrik yoga traditions of Sri Vidya and Kashmir Shaivism that teach we are all a spark of divine consciousness. Tantra presents really practical & accessible practices and techniques for normal people living in the world (as opposed to yogis living in caves), to reach their full potential.  Kelly weaves tantrik philosophy & meditation throughout her classes, in a modern-day accessible way.