Align. Balance. Thrive.


Now is the time to roll out a mat at Yoga Vidya and test the yogi waters for fourteen days of making shapes, meditation & feel good practices. 


Four weeks, unlimited attendance. Steady progression of all the basics PLUS a 30 minute private yoga session!


You know you want yoga and you want it on the regular. Practice three times a week or more to get the value out of this membership. 

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Helpful Hints for attending classes

If you haven’t attended the studio before (or since we implemented the new booking system) you will have to log in as a new customer.

Please note that we are a cashless studio and don’t keep change on site. This is just one of the reasons we strongly encourage you to book your classes ahead of time. If you wish to pay in cash, please ensure you bring the correct amount or you can make payment via eftpos in studio or through the website.

Please arrive to class 5-10 minutes early. The door will be locked once class has started. 

New to the studio? 


Register for either our $89 four-week beginners program OR our 2-week trial (for practiced yogis) AND book into your first classes. You will receive a welcome call/text from one of our staff and we will send you a questionnaire to learn a little bit about your goals, obstacles, injuries, experience and schedule. 


Attend as many classes as you can – this is your opportunity to get to know the studio, timetable and your favourite classes, time slots & teachers. Attend your FREE 30 minute private with Kelly (Beginners program only). PLUS, be sure to fill in the answers to the questionnaire that we send you – it will only take 5 minutes. 


As your beginners program or intro offer comes to an end we will be in touch with some personalised membership options (and a couple of sweet deals) based on the way you answered your questions as well as your history of attendance over your introductory period. Welcome to the family!

Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) on the first Friday of every month

Come in and lay down for this completely led form of meditation suitable for all levels. Wether you have never done yoga before or you are a long-time practicing yogi, the practice of Yoga Nidra is suitable and recommended for everyone. 

In this practice you will be led through a short seated warm up of gentle postures to prepare you to lay for between 30-40 minutes. That is followed by a short seated practice before you are invited to lay down and get comfortable, placing a blanket over your body and an eye pillow over your eyes. The teacher will lead you through a guided meditation for the remainder of the session which is beneficial for all levels and systems of the body.


Incredibly efficient form of deep rest for the body and mind - they say 1hr of yoga nidra is equivelent to four hours of conventional sleep


Incredibly relaxing for the nervous system


Can be used to reprogram the mind and replace negative thoughts with more beneficial beliefs


Brings the body and mind into a state of healing as it completely resets the nervous system and brings the body into the state of rest and digest.

We also offer Privates

While these days most people think of yoga being taught in only a group setting – it was traditionally always shared one to one, that is student to teacher. Group classes are wonderful and they help the benefits of yoga reach a much wider audience, however there are many reasons why private lessons might be a better option for you. 

Some of the reasons you might wish to work privately with Kelly include:

You have specific goals that you wish to achieve quickly (these could be mental, spiritual or physical or a combination)

You have an injury or mobility limitations that mean you require extra attention or group classes aren’t available to you

You would like to develop a home practice and would like a personalised sequence.

Still Have Questions?