Week 3: Stoke Your Fire, Build Your Passion for Practice

by Kelly Ryan | Yoga Vidya | 40 Day Yoga Challenge


This week will see us focusing a lot on the navel centre and really fanning the fire of passion, will and power. We can do this is in many ways often it’s done with really fast cardio based classes, with lots of really strong core work. Whilst that can be really great for stoking this area it can also be really unbalancing and often have adverse affects if we haven’t completely balanced our nervous system and our mind yet.

This class focus’ a lot on the navel centre and building strength but we do it in a very calming way – so we are building a steady flame that will not get out of control too quickly. Enjoy your practice this week yogis!



Kapalabhati is a cleansing, detoxifying and warming breath. It calls us to pump the navel centre on the exhale as the lungs fill with the natural recoil and expansion of the belly on the inhale. It is energising and transformative and can have an uplifting effect. Please note that if you are pregnant or on the first two days of your cycle it is much better to work with some full yogic breaths with a very subtle drawing in on the navel centre.

Please note that this is a temporary video. You will receive my video shortly.


This weeks meditation is all about accessing the central channel, fanning the fire of transformation as well as the illuminating light of consciousness and offering a limiting belief or quality that you hold to the fire. It works not on the premise that you are flawed and need to change yourself but instead that you are mistaken in this aspect of you being less than perfect and have misinterpreted it’s application in your life. By offering it to the fire this aspect is transformed so that it is free to become one of your greatest gifts… Your misinterpretation was a necessary part of it’s power and is the what will give it the greatest potency in your life moving forward.

Meditation: The Fire of Transformation

by Kelly Ryan | Yoga Vidya | 40 Day Yoga Challenge


Simple ways you can ground, nourish, balance & enliven with Ayurveda

Our beautiful tips and tricks for daily rituals have been provided by local Ayurvedic practitioner Prue Keenan. Prue runs health consultations and Ayurvedic treatments out of Alchemy Health in Port Kembla and can be contacted on 0424 955 348 for more information and bookings.


This daily tonic supports the digestive system to function properly by eliminating toxins from the body from the previous day’s food. It also counters sluggishness in the lymphatic system thus boosting the immune system.

Combine the following ingredients:

1 cup boiled water

½ teaspoon grated ginger

½ -1 teaspoon raw honey*

½ teasponn lemon juice

*It’s very important NOT to add honey until water temperature has lowered to a drinking temperature (cool enough to dip your finger in) to avoid it becoming sticky and congesting, mildly toxic and also missing out on the nutritious properties of raw honey.

What does this drink do?

The grated ginger scrapes away toxins in the GI Tract, the honey binds them together and the lemon flushes them out.

You can also add one of the following:

  • ½ tsp fennel powder to help detoxify the GI Tract, reduce bloating and flatulence and purify the blood (a good all round for us all)
  • ½ tsp of fenugreek powder to improve digestion, relieves bloating, also assist in fat metabolism
  • ½ tsp of turmeric for chronic gut issues to reduce inflammation of stomach lining

Avoid eating until at least 30 minutes after the drink so not to dilute your stomach acids for digesting your breakfast well.



“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 

As goes the famous Hippocrates quote. And never has it been so important than today to go back to basics where packaged, processed and GMO food are the norm and we have an epidemic of hormonal health conditions and chronic gut issues.

So why not utilise your own kitchen spices as your medicine cupboard.

  1. Cook meals using digestive spices

For savory dishes, cook with 2-3 of the following digestive spices, using ¼ teaspoon per person: cumin, coriander, fennel, ginger, black pepper, ajwain (wild celery, tastes a bit like strong thyme), hing or garlic. All these ingredients aid digestion. They are also Carminatives, herbs that help with elimination of food waste and gas.

Actually a Dukkah spice mix which has roasted cumin and coriander is an easy way to make your food (especially salads) more digestible.

  1. Ginger before meals to prime digestion

Chew on a generous slice of ginger with some lemon juice and Himalayan salt, about 20 minutes before lunch and dinner. You can spit out the fibrous part after extracting the juice. This simple ginger pickle starts to activate the salivary glands, producing the necessary enzymes so that the nutrients in the food are easily absorbed by the body.

You could help put this good habit in place by preparing plenty for the week ahead. Put the slices of fresh ginger in a small bowl and squeeze with lemon juice. Cover and keep in the fridge. 
When you take out, sprinkle with Himalyan salt and chew.

  1. Garnish meals regularly with:
  • a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to increase digestive power
  • Himalayan salt to promotes good digestion and elimination of wastes
  • Black pepper (for all in winter) to help clears the digestive channels
  • fresh chopped coriander, but only during the winter when in season (otherwise it’s sprayed so much with chemicals it would counter its detoxifying effect on the GI Tract!)


  1. Avoid drinking more than ½ cup of water 30 minutes either side of meals and during.
  2. Add sweet digestive spices cinnamon and cardamom to porridge, chia pudding, deserts and hot milk.
  3. Mindful eating

Always sit down to eat. Take this time for you and your health. Eat in a peaceful state and environment without the distractions of harsh noise and a screen, important factors to assist good digestion. Even chewing your food thoroughly is an anti-inflammatory action because the saliva alkalises the food.




Angie Cowen is one of the most amazing chefs I know. She is committed to ethical, holistic, and delicious wholefood preparation and delivers her offerings with such passion and heart that it is impossible not to get excited about eating in the most nurturing way when she is around.

This recipe is from one of her wholefood Cooking workshops she ran at my old studio Little Branches Big Trees (many years ago). It has always been one of my go-to’s for winter when we have pumpkins in abundance. The added chickpeas and pomegranate is a new addition of mine that I have been loving on any pumpkin soup type meal – it just adds an extra dimension!

Please not the picture above is not my picture – I have taken it from the internet as I didn’t have an image for this recipe. It’s from this website for a recipe of Chai Roasted Pumpkin Soup which I have to say – also looks amazing



Global Mass Meditation

Global Mass Meditation

Amidst the turbulence of the ever evolving Coronavirus situation the call went out for people all over the world to join in a global mass meditation on Sunday 5th April 2020 (Australian Time). Yoga Vidya answered the call and led 39 participants through this meditation. Here is the recording.

1hr Hatha Basics: Balanced Action

1hr Hatha Basics: Balanced Action

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1.5hr Flow: Removing the sense of Doership

1.5hr Flow: Removing the sense of Doership

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1.5hr Hatha Flow: Brighten the inner body via the breath

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